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(I’m joking, I’m joking … I do love working with conductors!) But …

The first half of last night’s Boston Symphony Orchestra subscription program was incredibly refreshing, and it’s not hard to see why. After the Italian conductor Riccardo Chailly withdrew from both of his scheduled subscription weeks, the most recent in a seemingly endless spate of cancellations, the orchestra summarily scrapped the entire first half of Chailly’s scheduled program and replaced it with four conductorless works. That must have felt good. It also projected a message.


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Richard Grayson improvises on an audience theme from a concert on March 2, 2008, at the Crossroads School.

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Wanna Learn Oboe In January(:<3

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Jason sought the Golden Fleece, Ahab searched for the white whale and Psyche searched the world over for Cupid.

Bob Burks, principal oboe for the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, is on the hunt for the perfect reed. Burks, who is second to only Concertmaster Don Zimmer as the longest tenured principal with the CSO, makes his own reeds, something he has plenty of practice doing since they don’t last long.

Burks said he once made a “freak reed” that held on for 19 shows while he was touring Germany, but it eventually split in half prior to the final concert.

Burks said he is constantly purchasing and making his own reeds from cane he buys from France. He often performs this task while watching a Hallmark movie.

I read that, and more, here.

& I’ll just end with this:

People ask all the time what is the most difficult instrument to play and the oboe is mentioned a lot. I don’t agree with that because they are all difficult to learn and perfect. The crazy thing about being a musician is that you are always in search of perfection and I don’t think it exists. I’ve never left the stage thinking that was perfect.


Up until now my NewToMyEars™ has included only composers I’d not heard of, and I’ve only posted them on Thursdays at 10:00. But what about instruments? Guess I may as well start that up too. Because I can. And in my new effort to not have to be so darn rigid I’m going to post things when I feel like it. how ’bout that?!

Here is the Friction Harp, which looks like an antenna to me:

YouTube Info:

Musician and Instrument Builder Tom Kaufmann plays his prototype friction harp with a recorded keyboard accompaniment. To read more about this instrument go to: http://www.tinkertunes.com/friction-harp

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Tomorrow I shall watch Harry Potter and play my oboe. #iregretnothing