Up until now my NewToMyEars™ has included only composers I’d not heard of, and I’ve only posted them on Thursdays at 10:00. But what about instruments? Guess I may as well start that up too. Because I can. And in my new effort to not have to be so darn rigid I’m going to post things when I feel like it. how ’bout that?!

Here is the Friction Harp, which looks like an antenna to me:

YouTube Info:

Musician and Instrument Builder Tom Kaufmann plays his prototype friction harp with a recorded keyboard accompaniment. To read more about this instrument go to: http://www.tinkertunes.com/friction-harp


  1. So you’re finally loosening up in your old age, huh?

  2. Hah! I’m just so into order and schedule … silly me! But yes, I’m going to loosen up. At least on this. Maybe. 🙂