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Is the oboe’s low range good for melody?
I’m a pretty experienced composer (if I may say so myself), but I still have things to learn about woodwinds. Is the oboe’s lower range (around D) ok for melody, or will it sound too “honky” and awkward. Thanks.

The first answer was this:

For the oboe’s best sound, stay in or above the staff and out of the bottom range.

Truth be told, a low oboe can sound quite lovely. I do hate it when we have to start on low B flat or B. Go figure.

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[name here] just discovered he doesn’t know his oboe from his bassoon. Sigh.

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How do you make an oboe?

literally how to carve out the dimensions it should be and such or if you have a link and would like to give it to me that would be amazing. its for a competition thing for science Olympiad at my school and i want to make an oboe. if you have any for making oboe reeds that would be great too. please and thank you!

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Merrie Melodies: The Organ Grinder

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Oh, that was an oboe playing there, what a nice sound. i know that was an oboe cause i went to school before they started gutting education