Probably a dog.

Oh. Wait. I heard a dog at a concert once.

The youngster had been wailing for quite some time when Gittleman stopped the music, turned to the audience, and asked that the child be removed. Some audience members applauded.


I’m sorry that the parents were probably embarrassed. I’m sorry classical music may once again get the rep for being uptight. But really, if a child is crying, he or she should be taken out of the hall. And really, why would someone bring an infant to a concert in the first place?

I remember doing Camelot many many years ago with Richard Harris. Near the start of the musical a baby was crying. Harris, playing King Arthur, had just met Guenevere for the first time. He asked her, staying in character the whole time, “Did you bring a baby with you? I’m hearing a baby cry somewhere nearby.” She replied that she had not. He continued, concerned about the poor crying baby.

That baby must have been taken out right then, as we heard no more crying in that show.

… but I sure don’t hear one!

I’m re-writing this since I came off so darn snarky:

This is quite clever. It’s also fun. I’m just picky about what I call things. I would call these smartphone instruments rather than implying that they sound like the actual instruments. But I’m goofy that way. I also don’t call tofurkey turkey. But really, I have no issue with people making music on whatever they want to make music on. I’ve seen people make music with kitchen utensils and vegetables too. 🙂

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I remember once, when I started writing for the alto saxophone, a saxophonist told me to think of it as being like a cross between an oboe and a viola, but louder……

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The idea of a wet T-shirted quartet where once was Amadeus has me reaching for the sea-sick pills, or just retching.

-Sir Thomas Allen

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I love my oboe 100x better than my flute. #bandnerd #iregretnothing

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Contrary to one part of the article, I believe this concert is tonight, Monday, January 30. The church’s website has today’s date, as does the body of the article (which I’ve put in bold font just because I can).

Roger is a great player, and mighty nice guy too!

Mozart Birthday Concert
Mozart Birthday Concert at Edgehill United Methodist Church
When: Sun., Jan. 29, 7 p.m.
Pianist and Nashville Symphony English horn player Roger Wiesmeyer plays a lot of concerts, so we take notice when he calls the Mozart Birthday Benefit Concert at Edgehill United Methodist his favorite show of the year. The annual celebration, now in its 10th year, always draws a diverse crowd of activists and music lovers — founder and organizer Wiesmeyer calls it “an opportunity to marry the things that matter most to me: beautiful music and social justice.” Conductor Joseph Lee will lead a specially assembled orchestra Monday night in Mozart’s “Little” G-minor Symphony No. 25 and the “Gran Partita” Serenade for winds. Always exuberant Vanderbilt composer Michael Rose offers halftime commentary drawn from his recent book Audible Signs, and be sure to stay after the performance for cake and conversation. This year’s concert benefits Nashville Peacemakers, a youth outreach organization founded by Clemmie Greenlee, the Scene’s 2007 Nashvillian of the Year.
— Russell Johnston