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Yesterday I received a phone call from Weber Reeds. They had gotten a fax saying oboeinsight’s domain name was soon to expire and they need information, or some such thing. So Angela called me to ask about it. Turns out they had Weber Reeds fax number, Rufus Acosta’s old repair shop address, Daniel Deitch’s phone number … and who knows what else might have been on there. They also had my website as “oboeinsight.us” if I’m remembering correctly.

How weird was that?! It was obviously some sort of scam, but I sure can’t imagine how it all works. I have a feeling, though, that they found the information from my oboe repair contact list.

The scams continue. Go figure.

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get to (have to) make some oboe reeds tonight…we’ll see how this goes! thank goodness i have some already partially started from several years ago, otherwise i might be in trouble! 😉 wish me luck!!!

… with touches of other things, including Traviata’s Sempre Libera. Starring Beverly Sills (although Miss Piggy probably disagrees):

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I play the oboe. Bow down to my awesomeness.