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We’ve had our first week of opera rehearsals for La traviata. It’s so wonderful to have two orchestra only rehearsals this year, before we get together with the singers. I think it makes a huge difference. It appears that extra rehearsal is thanks to David Packard. So a very huge thank you to you, Mr. Packard! (Of course I don’t know if he’ll see this, but I did want to publicly thank him!)

I’m loving the music. No surprise, of course. It’s great fun to play and it’s wonderful to listen to. The singers sound pretty darn fabulous, too. Learn more here, and get your tickets here.

We have tomorrow off, and then start up again on Sunday, when the staged rehearsals begin.

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Check out this page. Lots of photos of oboes, and if you click on the links below that you’ll see even more. It’s very cool!

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Just came super close to smashing my oboe into hundreds of little pieces.

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Flutter tongue on double reed instruments: Ouch. I’ve cut my tongue on oboe reeds practicing doubling tonguing…