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…that awkward moment when your tuner doesn’t turn on in orchestra and everyone is looking at you, waiting for a pitch, but all they get is a flustered and red face from you, meanwhile you are convinced the end of the world has come because your tuner needs batteries and the second oboe player doesn’t feel the need to own a tuner, but then you realize you just didn’t push the “power” button long enough and it comes right on.

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Cooper’s DMA Recital 2012

Click on that link above for the live streaming of his recital at 6:30 PST. How cool is that?! (Unfortunately I won’t be home, but if I can catch some of it on my iPhone I sure will!)

Break a leg, Cooper!

Cooper Wright, Oboe
Laura McIntyre – Bassoon
Drew Quiring – Piano/Harpsichord
Matthew Smith – Cello
Ashley Stahl – Flute
Allyson Wuenschel – Viola

Works by Loeffler, Telemann, Schumann, and Dutilleaux.

Remember those commercials? Maybe they are still out there; I rarely watch TV commercials these days, thanks to DVR.

Anyway, Madonna believes it, that’s for sure!

Madonna believes that it will be well “worth it” for fans to pay $300 a pop to see her next tour.
As the Material Girl told Newsweek about her plans to tour in support of her upcoming album, “M.D.N.A,” the star seemed highly dismissive of fan complaints about high ticket prices.
“Start saving your pennies now,” said Madonna. “People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I’m worth it.”


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Wow …

Because you all know how much we symphony folk like to rock, right? This video is quite fun (in my opinion) as it rapidly flips through a day at the symphony in Cincinnati.

the Queen City Project :: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from the Queen City Project on Vimeo.

the Queen City project is a collaboration between Bluestone Creative & Alias Imaging.
Music: “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem


Merrie Melodies: Shake Your Powder Puff

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I was going to practice my Oboe, but my music has gone missing. D: #disappointed