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The recital is finished. I thought it went pretty well, but I also know I wasn’t perfect. Maybe next time …?!

Now that I can put that work away for a while (we will perform it at Stanford in April so I can’t retire it completely) I need to start working on Mahler 4, which I’m doing with San Jose Chamber Orchestra soon. There are just a few things in it that are a bit difficult (like going from the high F# to the high A on oboe? Ouch! I will have to figure out a fingering that will even work for high A!) and I mostly need to get reeds for both oboe and English horn.


What a dirty word. I should go wash my mouth out with soap!

Grover Schiltz refused to be bound by the narrow routine of life as an orchestral musician, even if that orchestra happened to be the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The CSO’s longtime principal English horn and oboist shared his diverse interests with his beloved wife Beverly, a double bass player who worked as a music librarian. The Schiltzes bred show dogs, including Pembroke Welsh corgis and dachshunds, producing numerous champions over the years.

They also were avid collectors of nomadic rugs, corkscrews and ceramics who traveled the world in pursuit of their hobbies. In addition, Schiltz was an avid photographer, gourmet cook, and an active board member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Alumni Assn. Even so, he reserved his greatest passion for music.

Schiltz, 80, died of natural causes Thursday at their home in Lake Forest, according to his wife.


But of course I’ll say it anyway!

The closer I get to a concert, the worse my reeds feel.

Yep. I’m hating my reeds. Tonight I have a recital at UCSC and tomorrow is Opera San José’s opening night for La traviata.

I’m not sure if it’s psychological, or if I really do have worse reeds when I near a concert. I’m guessing it’s the former. But who cares about the why of it all. It just IS, and I have to deal. So today I’m working on reeds, and hoping a miracle occurs. Truth of it is, though, that I rarely trust a brand new reed, and I’m sure I’ll end up dealing with older ones. The recital is only one piece, and I have a reed I think will get me through even though it’s not stellar. I’ve been using three and sometimes four reeds a night for opera, in my continued search for ones that sound and feel good. I don’t have much in the opera, but I do have a one solo and a few other things that are heard that make for scary times if I don’t like my reed(s).

Last night was our final dress rehearsal. I (foolishly?) walked seven miles during the day, and then I had two students. By the time I started the opera my brain was rather fried. I played wrong notes (fortunately in places that no one other than a couple of people around me would notice). I felt unfocussed. I thought I sounded abominable. I realize I’m my worst critic but still ….

Okay … back to reeds now. I just felt the need to vent!

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very long first day. but I’m excited that i found out that i am going to learn how to play OBOE for the first half of this semester! 🙂

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I don’t know what’s worse-sounding like a dying cat on #violin or a wounded duck on #oboe.