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Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra officials insist it’s not “American Idol” meets Mozart.
But its new video contest on YouTube does have at least one similarity: voting by the public. Videos submitted by instrumental soloists will be up for anyone to watch. The top four vote-getters will get a chance to audition for musical director and conductor.
The winner — if Honeck picks one at all — gets $10,000 and a paid trip to perform with the orchestra at Heinz Hall this fall.
But the orchestra says the contest is no classical “American Idol.”
“Not at all,” said Robert Moir, the orchestra’s senior vice president of artistic planning and audience engagement. “This is applying 21st-century technology to something we’ve been doing since orchestras began, and that’s scouting young talent.”
Moir and Honeck revealed the idea to The Associated Press in advance of Thursday’s news conference formally announcing the nationwide contest hosted on the popular YouTube online video platform. The orchestra’s Facebook page and website also have links.


(I’d put the YouTube video up here too, but I can’t: embedding is not allowed by WTAE. Go figure.)

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Not long after, walking past the Teatro Colón, he noticed a sign in the window for a two-week course for the general public in opera directing. He enrolled, was thrilled with the experience and announced to his family, “Hey, I’m not going to be a doctor. I’m going to be an opera director.”


Mr. Condemi is directing La traviata in San Jose. We open tonight.

Geesh, that Rossini … I can’t think that fast!

And hey … oboe players are … neurotic?!?! Gasp!

“You will never have an ideal reed.” … pay attention to the part that begins there. It’s so true!

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“The oboe is the only instrument i really cannot play, i hate it. Its like getting punched in the face over and over”- music proff. lol?

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About to take my oboe and sale it to a music shop. I never really played it anyway and it cost over a grand.

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Merrie Melodies: Pettin’ in the Park (1934)