Never be late. When you’re late, what you’re saying is that your time is more important than the other person’s time. That’s pretty egotistical.

-Alice Cooper


  1. Patty,

    He’s one of the politest people I’ve ever met. I had an opportunity to find his golf ball at Spyglass Hill on the 7th fairway where I marshaled the Crosby/AT&T pro-am golf tournament 1984-2009. Can’t remember which year. He thanked me profusely; even offered me a seat at his next Bay Area gig. I said I preferred the SF Symphony. He had a good laugh. So unlike his stage persona. A heck of a good golfer as well.



  2. I’ve heard very good things about him in “real life”, John. Some people can’t separate his stage personality from the man. Too bad, from what I’ve heard!