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Even something like a run in a stocking really can throw off one’s game, although I’m guessing Toni Rapier just has a very good sense of humor.

Then again …?

My mother was a piano teacher. My father taught French and Latin. He was a good audience. She started my sister and me on piano. Then my sister became a violinist and I became cellist. I started playing in the fifth grade and studied in Philadelphia under (famous cellist) Orlando Cole. I graduated from Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y., where I met my husband, Wayne Rapier.
During his studies at Eastman, he became first oboist with the Indianapolis Symphony at age 19. Then he got first oboe in the Kansas City Philharmonic. At that time, I auditioned for it, but I had a run in my stocking, so I didn’t play as well as I could have and didn’t get in.
I went on to the University of Southern California where I was in the First Trojan String Quartet. But I only lasted three months. I was so in love with Wayne, I flew back to Kansas City, married Wayne and joined that orchestra (no run in the stocking this time!).

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