I just read the following in a news article. The words were spoken by a youth symphony member, demonstrating her bassoon to children:

Of all the woodwind instruments, she said it is the only one that has a double reed.

“I can play songs with just my reed. It sounds like a bug,” she said before playing “Happy Birthday.” “It doesn’t play a lot of different music, only baroque, which means it sounds sad.”

Oh dear.


  1. Or, just as likely, that’s what the journalist got (incorrectly) from what she said.

  2. I do hope you’re right! I’d hate to think a young bassoonist would believe those things. Then again … she does play bassoon, dk. I mean … well … you know …?

  3. You’re right; perhaps she just said that hers was the only double reed that counted? That would be perfectly understandable, right? 😉

  4. Sure … coming from a delusional bassoonist!