Next time I think about complaining about the pit temperature I’ll think about this guy:

Of course some of what he says … not knowing what to expect, how it’s different every time … well … sounds like an oboe reed!

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Sometimes you just gotta play the oboe 😛

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Pretty cool!

From the YouTube info (somewhat edited):
The Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini, and his wife make short speeches.

This is the only known recording of Puccini’s voice recorded on February 21st, 1907, shortly before Puccini’s departure from New York, where he was also supervising productions of several of his operas at the MET. The composers voice was preserved in this single-sided 78rpm recording entitled “La voce di Puccini” made by the Columbia Phonograph Company (matrix number 1420-1).

Since I don’t understand Italian, I don’t know what Puccini and his wife want to tell the listeners (except Puccini’s remark of “America Forever!”). Anyone who can understand Italian might help me to understand their words.

(Added 10-04-17)
Here’s the translation provided by “1970Frenzy”. Many thanks for collaboration.

Puccini says:

I thank, with all my heart, to the distinguished Mr. ? for kind words He said. I am grateful to the beautiful New York audience for the enthusiastic response that they have given to? my works. I accept the well wishes for a safe voyage and I finish by yelling: America Forever”!

His wife:
I’m happy for the honours bestowed upon my husband and I want to thank and say goodbye to everyone, especially to the American women that were so kind to us.

I’ve never seen these before … at least not as far as I remember (so, considering my memory, that’s not saying much, eh?) …

The piece sounds like a hymn. Anyone know it?

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Oboe reeds are such a pain.