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Gabriel Urbain Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine
The Holland Boys Choir

To our very high Lord our only hope
This eternal day of the earth and of the night
Saviour we are breaking the divine silence
Saviour direct your divine sight on us
Spread on us the fire of your powerful grace,
so that all evil disappears at the sound of your voice.
God wakes up the languished soul from his sleep
Christ be kind to your people
Receive their songs as a gift to your immortal glory
And the people shall receive peace in return.

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American Hymn Medley: Down to the River To Pray, Ill Fly Away, Unclouded Day; Arranged by Ben Brussell

Luna Nova Quartet
Ben Brussell, Mandolin & Vocals
Candance Sanderson, Violin
Linda Green, Viola
Alex Kelly, Cello

When I was a kid my parents usually had one of the two (!) classical music radio stations on. (Now we don’t have even one where I live.) If there was a trumpet soloist you could pretty much guarantee you were going to hear that it was Maurice André.

I read about his death here.

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Dan Forrest: Lord of the Small
The Festival Singers of Florida