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Anthony Freud, general director of Lyric Opera of Chicago, today announced details of its new world premiere. Bel Canto, by the gifted young Peruvian composer Jimmy López, with a libretto by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz, is based on the best-selling novel by Ann Patchett. To premiere in Lyric’s 2015-16 season, the new opera, commissioned as part of Lyric’s Renée Fleming Initiative, will be conducted by Lyric music director Sir Andrew Davis and directed by Stephen Wadsworth.

Both the 2001 book and the new opera are inspired by the Lima Crisis of 1996-97, when members of a revolutionary movement in Peru held hostages at the Japanese ambassador’s house for 126 days (Dec. 17, 1996-April 22, 1997). Central to the story is the fictional famed American soprano Roxanne Coss, who will be portrayed by Australian-born American soprano Danielle de Niese. Like the novel, the opera will explore the tensions and unexpected alliances that develop when a group of culturally disparate strangers – the terrorists and their hostages – are confined in close quarters for months.


I read the book when it was popular (and I had a Costco membership so I bought it for very little) and enjoyed it. It’ll be interesting to hear the opera eventually … if it succeeds past its opening, of course.

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Who knew? Now I know something else I might be able to pursue, should work grow even scarcer. Whew!

“I just like how [elk calling] sounds and how it is different from other animals,” said Kenny.

There are several elk calls and different instruments are used to produce the sounds.

“I use a squeeze box to make a calf call, a mouth pod to do a cow, and a reed to do the bull,” said Kenny. “The bull is the hardest because you can mess up on it more.”

What makes Kenny a national competitor after only three years? His father thinks his son’s musical ability may be the key to his success.

“He plays the trumpet, and he also took on the oboe,” he said. “That was where he was able to start to manipulate the calf call because the oboe is a double reed instrument.”

I read it here.

The reed can call a bull.

Somehow that seems rather appropriate.

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Listening to swan lake. Such beautiful oboe solos.

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Something cute for today!

Super Mario Brothers Theme Song
Christopher Souvey, singer

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I just love this music and these instruments so here you go:

and more …

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the Netflix “hold” music is pretty epic – some serious oboe skills going on….shame their service isn’t as good!!

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… but by whom? I didn’t see the source for the “It is thought” sentence. Hmm. Flute in particular? I wonder about this writer’s sources for that and other reasons. I’m not saying he or she is wrong, but I’m skeptical.

hink of your favorite song. Most likely, it is your favorite because it makes you feel alive, happy, relaxed, or it reminds you of a special event in your life. Although it differs for every individual based both on genre and the environment, music affects you mentally, physically and emotionally. According to research found on buzzle.com and emedexpert.com, here are a few ways how it does that.
Helps fight sadness or depression
Serotonin is a chemical widely distributed throughout the body that constricts blood vessels at injury sites and that also may have an effect on the body’s emotional state. The less serotonin the body has, the less happy the person will feel. Soothing music, such as slow classical numbers or warm piano tones, helps release serotonin in the brain, therefore warding off signs of depression.
Improves memory and concentration
Research proves that when two musical notes are separated by a short silence, the brain cells in charge of developing a quick and clear memory are triggered. It is thought that flute music in particular is recommended as a memory and concentration-sharpening tool. Download a few classical tunes to turn on while you’re studying. This genre of music will help your brain retain and recall the information you are trying to store.

I read it here, in a college newspaper.