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OMG OMG OMG OMG I broke my oboe! !!!!!!!! I’m going to die

We Can Work It Out (Beatles)
CookiePine (Trudbol & Kartiv2)

At least according to this, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ca. 1840. So cool looking, don’t you think?

Used with permission according to this page from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Ms. Gordon is a member of that hardy group of amateur musicians who pick up instruments later in life, defiers of the “can’t teach old dogs new tricks” truism. While many come back to music after studying as a child, primed to play but now free of the parentally imposed obligation, others confront it cold. Without young brains and their abundantly firing neurons and with bodies burdened by years of wear and tear, technique comes more slowly. The physical repetition of practice does not find the same fertile ground.

But for those who stick it out, the rewards can be enormous. Adult musicians can find whole new social networks, a sense of meaning in midlife and a creative outlet they did not have before. The sense of accomplishment can be powerful.

“It’s been a wonderful trip,’ she said. “I hope that I will continue to play long into the sunset, as often as I can.” She added, “I only wish I had started 30 years ago.”


I’ve taught a few adult students, but they’ve been few and far between and I don’t have any at the moment. I’ve never had an adult stick around longer than a few years. I’ve heard that I’m “very strict” via a colleague (one student told her that, so I’m not exactly fretting over it and, besides, I probably am a bit strict!). Mostly they end up getting too busy or too frustrated. I enjoy teaching them, but I have to admit I think I am better when middle school kids. I’m not sure why … maybe it’s because I’ve never grown up? Hmm.

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i always thought the oboe was really big like a bassoon?? but it turns out it’s small like a clarinet! whoa i wanna play oboe

Well, according to the seller it’s a “sound bridge”. You can read about it here, and listen to the two clips below. Thoughts? Do you hear a difference? Is it worth $65 to $300?