… he’ll conduct while sitting down as they did in Bach’s time (1685-1750). Jaffe’s done it before.

“It’s more akin to a rhythm guitar with a chamber-music feel,” said Jaffe. “Like 18th-century jazz. It’s exhausting. But it’s really all about Tom playing oboe.”

Nugent, adjusting mentally to being in the spotlight, can relate. He calls his solo a “marathon.”

The University of the Pacific lecturer, who’s been a symphony member for six years, will hear Avner’s creation for the first time tonight. He’s been preoccupied preparing for his initial solo spot with the orchestra: during Johann Sebastian Bach’s Oboe Concerto in F major.

“It’s a very, very tiring piece to play,” Nugent, 53, said of the 22-minute concerto he’s performing for the first time. “It’s a tremendously demanding work. It’s like running a marathon. I’m really looking forward to it.”


The concert is tonight and Saturday night. Unfortunately I can’t attend. Perhaps some of you can, though. I haven’t seen Tom in eons, and I would have loved to hear him play this!

Stockton Symphony website

I’d never heard a countertenor sing this before.

Alex Balashov, oboe; Rustam Yavaev, countertenor; Julia Draginda, organ

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I never thought that I could be anything other than terrible at the oboe. Apparently I can be alright at it if I practice it 🙂

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Hey lets play oboe at 7 in the morning!