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You want to know my first professional gig? Opening day, 1975 season, at the Hollywood Bowl. I was singing Mahler’s Third with the California Boy’s Choir. It was mind-blowing and surreal. Can you imagine being a 10-year-old kid walking out on that stage, singing Mahler?

Lenny Kravitz

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It’s a morning for flutes wafting from the speakers at Panera’s. A flute and piano begin to alternate, softly responding to one another like lovers on a lazy Sunday morning. A combination of strings, in the next selection increase the morning’s energy as they dance around the flute like old friends begging it to join. And the flute enthusiastically accepts as it becomes part of the throng. But it is when the oboe enters like a wise cold tramp on this frozen morning a gentle conversation begin…

(Oboe just brings the poet out sometimes.)

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Mickey Mouse: The Birthday Party (1931)

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Oboe is Fun!