(No way you’d catch me singing before playing!)

Un jour mon prince viendra – Quatuor Ebène

But wait! … there’s more!

So, since this is played on strings, it’s classical … right? 😉

This week we do four days of back-to-back (meaning two concerts within the 2 1/2 hour concert call time) concerts for kids, part of the artSPARK program by Symphony Silicon Valley.

I love the Kiddie Concerts. The kids are so darn excited. The conductor, Peter Jaffe, is excellent with them, and he says things that keep me awake, even with a start time of 9:30 AM Tuesday through Friday. So I’m looking forward to them. Tonight we have our rehearsal.

I am going to attempt something different this year: I will pack my black clothes and shoes and bring them, along with a lock, to the rehearsal. There are lockers in the musicians’ room, so they’ll get stored there. This way I can walk on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was concerned that I’d be missing my walks this week, but that will take care of those three days. (The walk is a bit over three miles, one way, so I’ll get over six miles in on those days.) Friday I’ll drive in so I can haul everything back home, and I’ll just hope to squeeze a quick walk in before students arrive in the afternoon.

It appears I’ve become addicted to my walks. (People who read my other blog probably know that already, as I frequently post photos from my walks.)

I had a doctor’s appointment today. My BP was 100 over 59. I’ve lost about 10 pounds. I think this is a good addiction.

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Time to go play some oboe like a champ!

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Is the french horn or oboe the hardest instrument to play?
theres this whole debate going on in band about which one is hardest. i understand that bot are very difficult to learn but im sure that there is some factor which would lead to one being harder than the other. facts, opinion, and experience please! thanks!!!

The answer? Yes. They are. 😉

Asked here.

Yesterday I attended the California Youth Symphony concert, led by Leo Eylar. I have two students in the group, one of whom is a senior, so I wanted to be sure and hear him before he heads off to college next year, and I’m not sure I’ll have another opportunity due to my own performance schedule.

The program consisted of Stravinksy’s Circus Polka, Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 1, La Valse by Ravel and, finally (and my fave of the day), Richard Strauss’s Suite from Der Rosenkavalier.

Ah, Paganini. Sigh. May I rename him PagaNoNo? It’s not that the performance was bad. I just don’t care for Paganini. He and Pasculli are, for me, just show off fluff without substance. Call me grumpy when it comes to those two. Still, the soloist did fine work, and I think everyone else in the audience was enamored by the work. I guess it’s just my problem!

I thought the orchestra was especially good with the Ravel and Strauss.

There are things that disturb me about audiences, and I try to be patient, but once again I was reminded about how rude some can be. I had to be the instigator of the applause when the concertmaster came out. I would have thought parents of the musicians would know that they applaud then, but I guess not. And I know, I know, I shouldn’t care about applause between movements. But it really was awkward, because about half of the audience applauds so it sounds very half-hearted. After the first movement of the Paganini some kids ran up with flowers for the soloist, thinking it was over. That was awkward too. Ah well.

But the worst and most aggravating thing? The number of people who left after the soloist was finished on the first half. C’mon, folks, do you know how disheartening it is to performers when they look out and see that so many have deserted them. It’s one thing for us adults — we do get sort of used to this behavior — but I think we owe it to these young performers to stick around. Besides, you missed the best half!

Okay, grump and gripe over ‘n out. Good job, CYS!

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Successful orchestra concert despite such shenanigans as oboe’s music going missing + frantic search for it…on stage…audience watching.