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Yep, I missed it by a day. Oops.

BUT … if you want a real deal, you can go to Amazon and get the Big Bach Set MP3 download for all of 99¢ today. (The deal is only for yesterday and today as far as I can tell.) I haven’t checked it out very carefully, so I can’t vouch for quality at this point, but for 99¢ it’s worth a go, don’t you think?

Next week Symphony Silicon Valley will be doing this (but not with Baroque instruments). I’ll be on third, in case you are wondering.

… and that’s just the beginning! Don’t you want to hear more? 🙂

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Today i made a goal for 2012…I want to master oboe concerto in c major by MOZART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I used to practice oboe 6 hours a day, was very passionate about it, ’til songwriting took over my soul:)