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All of this snoring… it sounds like [name here] and [name here] fell asleep with a tuba and an oboe taped to their lips… it literally sounds like two drunken hobos sat down in the brass section of an orchestra and started trying to play the opening music to Star Wars… it sounds like they’re trying to make blugrass music and I’ve got a jug blowing band in here… but its okay because theyre sick.

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I’ve been a negligent blogger, and I’m afraid I won’t really be a GoodBloggerGirl™ until sometime next week or maybe even the week after. Next week Opera San José starts up with our rehearsals of Faust and I’m playing the Reinecke trio one last time at this symposium. In addition, of course, I have my students. Seems like I should add a bit more, so how ’bout I do taxes too?! Yeah, that’ll do it!

I hope you continue to check in (whoever “you” are at this point — I know my readership has really dipped recently) as I promise I really will post more once I get through this busy time.

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My son plays oboe upstairs and the notes slip down like beads on silk string. So subtle, sound: before it stays, it disappears.#tmmpoetry