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Sydne-Mychal Sullivan, oboe

The acclaimed principal oboist in the conservatory orchestra says she was named after professional basketball player Mychal Thompson because her mother — who grew up in Arkansas, where people go by their first and middle names — likes boys’ names for girls and unusual spellings.

Her recital includes Strauss’ Oboe Concerto, accompanied by the conservatory chamber orchestra, directed by San Francisco Symphony principal bassoonist Stephen Paulson. The concert also features pianist Xiyan Wang and bassoonist Kris King. [8 p.m. April 29]

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Gee, I have opera that day, but I just might be able to get up there for an evening recital. Time will tell! I played in an orchestra with bassoonist Kris King when we did The Gift of the Magi back in December, and I’ve read Ms. Sullivan’s blog. I’ve known Steve Paulson for … gee … I can’t even remember how long, and my brother studied bassoon with him many years ago.

Dear Young Musician,
I understand how difficult it is when you’re coming out of school and trying to find a job. I know what it means to stand in the grocery store and wonder if you can afford that extra packet of Ramen noodles. I realize it’s scary to not know when the next gig will come along, how the rent is going to get paid this month, or if you can scrape together the money to take auditions. I get all this because I’ve been there. Right after college I dove headfirst into the freelance scene and it was really tough. So tough that I may have been tempted by an audition like Louisville’s. It seems like a pretty decent deal, good pay, steady work, but trust me…it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I urge you, DO NOT TAKE THE AUDITION.

Please read the whole thing.

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A year ago I had blogged about Kinshasa Symphony. This segment below, aired recently on 60 minutes tells you more about the orchestra.

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Any day you get to perform Bach is a good day. “Wachet Auf” tonight and tomorrow aftermoon in the UM theater. Not only is the singing wonderful, there are oboe and violin passages to die for.

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My sister’s oboe playing…. #pleasemakeitstop

Awww … not nice!