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I have a dream of having a death metal band containing an oboe, saxophone, harp, and flute. and a drum machine.

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My oboe does not like me at all today D:

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In these tough economic times, it has become even more important and challenging than ever to attract and retain customers, while at the same time keeping your staff motivated. Captive Music aim to show how music can help your business face these challenges, and provide a real boost both to staff and to profits.

Research conducted by an independent research company across a number of industries, from retail to leisure, estimates that more than a third of customers would be willing to pay 5% more for products and services from businesses that play music.

… okay then … RTWT


It has also been proven that playing music within your business can lead to a happier workforce.

Proof that music really does work!

72% say playing good music significantly improves the image of the store
76% believe they can positively influence the behaviour of customers through playing music
60% of shoppers said they would spend more time in a high street store if they hear music they like


“Good music” is so subjective, don’t you think?

I can tell you that Macy’s drove me away several years ago because of their loud music. Recently so did GAP. So did a few other places. I’m saving lots of money because of the music they play! I guess I should be grateful.

I still say I’d love it if stores would hand out headphones to those who would like to listen to their choice of music. I think most people would skip it and either enjoy the lack of music (I fall into this category) or bring their own music and listen with earbuds. But what do I know?