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I haven’t put anything up on WorldReeds™ for quite some time. This is an oboe (duh), but played in a way we don’t hear much here.

I wish I could tell you more about this. I ran things through google translate and I’m still note getting much. I believe the oboist’s name is Kamil Jalilov and he’s from Azerbaijani. Other than that I know nothing.

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… I’ve had the song Raindrops on Roses as an ear worm on several walks. Mostly it’s when I’m walking in the rain and I’m taking photos of roses. Go figure. It can get rather unpleasant. I like this version, though! Great fun!

Osesp Bassoon Quartet
Quartet Members

1° Alexandre Silvério
2° Francisco Formiga
3° Romeu Rabelo
4° José Arion Liñares

Guest: Armando Yamada

Recorded and Edited by Wallas Pena

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Functional oboe + decent reed = chapped lips and satisfied me 🙂 Happy to be back on the oboe train.

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I thought I’d put this up, but I’m not finding it. Sorry if it’s a repeat, but I always like me some CookiePine!

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AGH!!! Some of the parts in the Prokofiev 1st oboe parts are lovely but horrible to play!!! We don’t do staccato on the high notes well!