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Piano duo ‘takes classical music and tursn it on its head’

Read more: Piano duo ‘takes classical music and tursn it on its head’ – Mywesttexas.com: Entertainment http://www.mywesttexas.com/entertainment/article_28dcc7b5-e199-51b1-9ff1-bfcb76ea77ac.html#ixzz1sSWo2i6l
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(How kind of the paper to have this automatically linked to their wonderful headline. 😉

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A crystal-embellished conductor’s baton made with beautiful SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) fittingly illustrates classical music’s brilliance. For the first time in Swarovski’s 117-year history, the internationally known crystal designers have created a special Swarovski crystal-studded conductor’s baton, which will direct musical magic for the Miami Symphony Orchestra.


Hmm. Maybe I need a crystal oboe reed. I wonder. But my guess is the darn thing wouldn’t vibrate. (then again, how many of my reeds are vibrating these days?!)

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During the first break in Wednesday morning’s Chicago Symphony Orchestra rehearsal, Eugene Izotov took a long look around the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory and felt the past colliding with the present.

Not only did the orchestra’s 38-year-old principal oboist grow up in Moscow and attend school just a few blocks from the Conservatory, but “my father played on this stage,” he said.

Now Izotov was preparing to perform Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 in that very same hall where he learned the piece— the composer’s triumphant, complex response to Stalinism — from hearing his father, violist Alexander Izotov, play it with the Russia State Symphony Orchestra. Izotov also remembers sneaking into a rehearsal being conducted in 1989 by Riccardo Muti, now the CSO’s music director, then leading La Scala in Milan, Italy.

“I heard him right from those seats,” Izotov said, pointing toward the back of the elegant shoebox of an auditorium.


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So my survey of intruments porfessor says I really play the oboewell. Yeah that’s all good and nice but the Oboe still kick rocks!! It takes to much breath support to play that thing!!! I need that breath to sing!!!

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I used to play the clarinet, but I was transferred to oboe less than 2 yrs ago. It’s an acquired taste, I guess