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KARL WALLINGER: Yeah, well here we are, the aneurysm and all that stuff. I don’t mind talking about that. Its something that actually happened so I might as well talk about it. I played a wind instrument since I was a kid and I always told myself that the aneurysm had nothing to do with smoking but something to do with my having played a wind instrument … though, I might be deluding myself a bit there, who knows. I played the oboe for years up till my late teens, until I did my exams and all that kind of stuff. I was an oboist really as far as my education was concerned. That’s a really high-pressure instrument and a lot of people that play those kinds of instruments have hemorrhages and this sort of thing…


KARL WALLINGER: Yeah, quite a few trumpet players and oboists have had an eruption or some sort of brain explosion. Its a really high pressure thing, I think that probably weakened it…

I read it here.

I’ve been playing oboe since something like 1968 or so. I’ve played professionally since 1975. I’ve never known anyone who’s had a hemorrhage from playing oboe.

(Anyone know the name Karl Wallinger? I sure didn’t.)

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So often over the last few years I have had the privilege of completing my daily tasks to the sound of music…either oboe or trombone. Today is no exception.

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Theres an awesome old dude outside reading the music sheets for his oboe from an ipad

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MGM Happy Harmonies: Bottles (1936)

(Man, who thought these things up?!)