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My faves again! Good old CookiePine … (Trudbol & Kartiv2)

Get a load of this “adjustable staple”. Copied directly from the site:

Fantastic new design by Chiarugi. This set has five tips and adjustable bases in 45mm, 46mm, 47mm and 48mm. Designed for players who work internationally, the base of the staple can be changed to accommodate the need to play at different pitches. The bore of the staple is the 2+, so it is the same as Howarth and Rigoutat branded staples. These staples are a quality product well worth the investment.

Gee, I like this idea!

You can order them here.

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fun fact: if i don’t pass my oboe jury this semester, i don’t graduate in the spring; if i don’t pass my jury next semester, i’m forced to change my degree – 130 credit hrs in.

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I didn’t know quite what to expect. So, Dave Camwell and Jillian Camwell … maybe you can do this on your next recital?

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Yes, to make everyone happy I’m done playing my “oboe” and done “singing”. #theleasticandofortheworld