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Does anyone happen to have an extra oboe reed I could use for my 8 am class tomorrow? I ordered some online and they haven’t came in and I was out of town this weekend to get some (overpriced ones) from H&H!!

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I don’t speak the language, but I can tell pretty much what’s going on with this one. (It helps to know the story, of course.) Very cute! It’s fun to hear the laughter, too ….

La Tortuga y Liebre by John Falcone
Quinteto de Viento Madera
Peter Pearse, Flauta
Juan Ferriol, Oboe
Iván Cuervo, Clarinete/Narrador
David Rosado, Trompa
John Falcone, Fagot

(Gee, I didn’t know “trompa” was horn … I would have guessed trumpet. Hmm.)

I’ve never been all that enthusiastic about woodwind quintet. I do apologize to all you WWQ lovers out there. The combination of the instruments just doesn’t do it for me (whatever “it” is), although I confess to having a ton of recordings of the combo. But for kiddie concerts I think it works very well. (You can tell, though, that the kids get restless as it goes along, and I don’t believe you are even hearing the work in its entirety. Gotta keep ’em a decent length for the kiddos!)

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It looks as if the reed stays attached to the instrument. But here … have yourself a miniature oboe. Just because.

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Someday, I would like to learn to play oboe Someday, I hope to write a musical

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Surely government has as strong [an] obligation to preserve the cultural environment against dissipation and destruction as it has to preserve the natural environment against pollution and decay.

-Arthur Schlesinger