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My elder daughter is an oboist. She is definitely talented, and for years had slid by on her innate abilities. The man who taught her in undergraduate school is a wonderful person and a great teacher. He sat her down one day and leveled with her. Scott went to undergraduate school at the Cleveland Conservatory, and the oboe studio was taught at that time by a famous player and teacher. Scott said he was clearly the least talented player in his class. He is also the only one who is working as a professional oboist. The reason? “I got to the end of my talent very early on, and I discovered I would have to substitute hard work for the lack of it.” In other words, he learned from a relatively early age to apply himself and to be the first one in and the last one out of the practice room.

How far did hard work take him? He is a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony oboe section. Which contains three people.

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