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Come meet my fish Norman, I like to play the oboe for him. That’s FREAKY.

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Maybe “Gospel According to the Other Mary” will be controversial. Not that I neccesarily want it to, but sometimes I wish classical music would get heat with its new creations, even the petty aspects that can come with that. At least it would show that art music is relevant to greater society.

Can you imagine the response to a film like this? Well, at least we can be reasonable sure this will be excellent. It is, after all, John Adams.

I read it here.

Um … I guess the writer doesn’t know about the reactions to the opera Death of Klinghoffer by John Adams. And gee, I do believe Stravinsky got a wee bit of a reaction at one point. Or am I misunderstanding what he is writing? (Happens all the time!)

So what others can we list in the classical world that got “heat” …?

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As I type this former Opera San José resident artist Robert McPherson can be heard and seen live at the Mikhailovsky Theatre by going here. How cool is that? The opera is La Juive by Fromental Halévy.

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“oboe” is an instruments played by people who want to be musicians but don’t want friends.