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A group of Austrian scientists have found that cats appear to prefer instruments such as the oboe and deep bass, as well as male voice choirs. Also many cats have shown interest, particularly in the piano. Is it true? How many of you have cats and how do they react when you practice your instrument?


  1. My cat (RIP) would often come out and sit by my feet when I played the piano. But I never knew if it was because she wanted dinner or for me to stop or just because she knew where I was and wanted attention. She never did it when I played the upright, though. As I recall, she wasn’t much for Chopin, but she liked (or would show up for) Disney, show tunes and Joplin.

  2. My cat Rupert doesn’t mind the sound of the horn in its lower register, but usually leaves the vicinity when I play loudly and/or in the upper register.

    He absolutely HATES the trumpet; stares at me accusingly whenever I play it.

    He meows when I play the higher-pitched recorders. He doesn’t react much to the lower ones.

    Rupert rather likes the piano, but he LOVES the harp; often sits near it when I play.

  3. I am okay with a cat preferring oboe, but I would be much happier if they would make oboe reeds. Who cares if they play oboe, you know?

  4. I’m a member of the Vecchione/Erdahl Duo. My wife, Carrie Vecchione plays oboe, and I play double bass. Our cats always have to be in the room when we’re practicing separately or rehearsing together, sometimes curling up right by the endpin of the bass or bell of the oboe. They have also occasionally been caught drinking reed water. Our cats are very happy and well-adjusted (though a tad too fat!) It would be interesting to find out if there’s therapeutic value in playing oboe/bass duos for finicky or feisty felines. Up until now, we never thought of pet stores as a potential purrfect concert venue and/or re-tail market fur our recordings. Gives one paws to think of the possibilities!

  5. My cats, Jack and Jill, meow when I stop playing the oboe. I play numerous pieces that vary in style and range but they always meow after I stop. When I stop playing my keyboard they jump into my lap and look back and forth from me and the keyboard.

  6. I love reading these comments about your cats, everyone! Thanks for filling me in!

    No animals here … just Dan at this point. He never sits on my lap or meows. He does sing snippets from whatever I’m playing though. He knows it drives me nuts! 😉

  7. Rolf, did you know I put a video of you and your wife on the blog quite a while ago? http://oboeinsight.com/2010/08/05/bass-oboe/