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Allegri: Miserere mei Deus
University of Utah Singers

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Yep … the Met backed out of the “no Met reviews” idea. Of course I do wonder if the acceptance of reviews means “good reviews only”. I suppose time will tell!

Opera News Will Continue to Review Metropolitan Opera Production

In view of the outpouring of reaction from opera fans about the recent decision to discontinue Met performance reviews in Opera News, the Met has decided to reverse this new editorial policy. From their postings on the internet, it is abundantly clear that opera fans would miss reading reviews about the Met in Opera News. Ultimately, the Met is here to serve the opera-loving public and has changed its decision because of the passionate response of the fans.


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I’m looking forward to next year!

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i guess i never really realized how much beethoven favors the oboe.

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Always disliked the ending to Danse Macabre. Just feels like it should end a couple of bars before the oboe comes in #SaintSaens

… and still I share it. Shame on me! But still, this is just … well … too darn bizarre not to put on the blog. I guess. Maybe. (I might change my mind later on. We’ll see.)

A fancy Williamsburg canine salon sets itself apart from the pack by dimming the lights and putting on classical music before massaging your dog’s rectum.

RTWT (if you dare)

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… and I got one.

Tom Hooten of the Atlanta Symphony and Mike Martin of the Boston Symphony discuss the techniques they use to prepare themselves for ANY situation