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“In America there’s so many different types of music ….” (You have to watch through to the end to find out what they are!

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while Im talking about college, parent dont just encourage your child to follow what ever passion they have, I have a student who is getting a degree in the OBOE and she wants to play in a orchestra someday, but after graduation when she opens the newspaper to find a job, what section will she go to for the Oboe? and how many opening are there? second major please.

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I think the oboe is the way to go today. *picks it up and starts warming up a bit*

Another email arrived today, so here’s your warning yet again … don’t bother responding to these. They are scams and if you reply, even if you are replying just to be goofy, you are letting them know they’ve reached a legitimate address. Just trash ’em. K?

From: busayo green
Subject: private lesson
Date: May 23, 2012 4:27:33 AM PDT
To: undisclosed recipients: ;

How are you today?I got your contact email while searching for Music and dance teacher on the internet. I have a daughter(Vicky) who is interested studying instrument you have to offer. Vicky doesn’t have any previous in the instrument but she is ready to learn. She’s 16 year old girl with a very sharp brain. she’s coming down there to your location for the lessons. I want Vicky to come over to your present location to attend the lessons before she will finally come to Frankfurt Germany to stay with me. If you have agreed to accept Vicky as your student,please get back to me with the following information..

Total fees for one months lessons(Two hours lessons in a week)?

Your teaching location and phone number?

The instrument you teach?

I want the lessons to start by 4th of June.


Looking forward to hearing from you.