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U know how i play the oboe people always ask me whats the difrence betweine the oboes mouth-pece or reed & the clarinets u know what people LOOK IT UP!!!!! thats what google is for!!!

(I would suggest this Facebook person use a dictionary!)

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Just saw my brother play oboe solos. What a boss:)

I’m playing Mary Poppins for two weeks. It’s all a bit surreal, since my mother died on Monday and our first rehearsal was Monday, but that’s the life of a musician: we don’t get to take a rehearsal off and still play the job. If we don’t play the job we don’t get paid. I love my work, and I wouldn’t trade it, but this is one of the things that can cause difficulties.

That being said, this post isn’t about that, really. (I guess I just felt like whining …?!) It’s more about that whole “Spoonful of Sugar” thing Mary talks about. Seems to me they need to change the words.

… and who knew that “aspoonful” was one word, eh?