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It’s tough being an oboe in a clarinet world.

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Merrie Melodies:I Haven’t Got a Hat (1935)

(Side note: the first voice for Porky Pig was Joe Dougherty, who stuttered in real life. This cartoon was the first that featured Porky. I wonder what Joe Dougherty thought about doing the character.)

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Bored….Might actually give in to practicing oboe…o.O

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A famous jazz teacher once told me, “Don’t swing; play like Dexter Gordon.” I’m still trying to figure that one out. Think of the loss if, for example, Johnny Griffin, Tubby Hayes, Sonny Rollins “played like Dexter Gordon” instead of like themselves. My oboe teacher, Bill Criss, didn’t give a lot of compliments but once he said “That was good: sound, intonation, dynamics, but I didn’t feel anything. Play it again and this time I want to feel something.” I like that approach better.

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Handels oboe concertos to calm the nation

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For New York Polyphony, it’s location, location, location. The four-man vocal ensemble thrives on music from the Renaissance, much of it designed for cavernous, reverberant spaces. Think voices soaring through arched cathedrals. But madrigals by Flemish composer Orlando di Lasso, with their more intimate storytelling vibe, are suited for smaller venues — like, say, the living room of New York Polyphony bass Craig Phillips.

Rehearsing at his home, the singers can hear each other in fine detail and concentrate on pronouncing words the same way at the same time.

“To have four guys who have very different instruments — you know, alto, tenor, baritone and bass — coming together and sounding as uniform as a string quartet, we have to work quite hard on uniformity of vowels,” countertenor Geoffrey Silver says.

You can watch the group sing through Lasso’s “Matona mia cara,” in which a German soldier woos a maiden, above. And to watch New York Polyphony sing more and talk about rehearsing, check out our new series In Practice.

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Oboe issues: help urgently needed?
Hi. I was just playing my oboe (it had been a few hours since I started playing) and now all of a sudden the left hand second finger octave key didn’t work. I tried to go one octave higher but could not. I swabbed the inside of the oboe with the long cloth swab and tried again but it still didn’t work. I didn’t do anything to my instrument at all, all i did was play and suddenly this occurred. Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

So anyone want to explain the “left hand second finger octave key” to me? Could the person be talking about the half hole? If you think you have the answer you can help the person by going here.

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Listening to concerto for oboe and bassoon in G major Thank you VIVALDI !!!

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I really need to practice oboe… but I’m trying to write a novel…

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Which oboe fingering in the Essential Elements oboe fingering chart is wrong? Hint: It’s one of the first notes you teach your beginning students.

I don’t have the book, so I can’t answer this one. Anyone?