When I saw this in my Mary Poppins book I first thought it read “harm” rather than “warm”. It took me a while to figure it out, actually.

Yeah, I’m practically perfect … but there was that one mistake. Go figure.

I have more to post from the book, and my thoughts on some of the marks people have put in it. I’ll save those for later, but let’s just say some people didn’t have me for a teacher! (Lucky them?) I make my students erase certain things they put in. They would take one look at this book and know just what I was annoyed with!

I’ve now done two rehearsals, a sound check, and four shows. I have twelve shows to go, so this feels like a third of the way through. I normally love playing musicals and I’m frustrated that I’m not able to enjoy this as I usually do, but that’s what a death in the family will do to a person, I suppose. I’m just missing my mother. But work continues, and this is the musician’s life, so I’m in the pit and I’m doing my job and I am doing it to the best of my ability. One thing both of my parents taught me was that I should always do my best. Not someone else’s best, but my best. So that is what I’m attempting to do.

Stay tuned for more photos. Maybe I’ll get to them on my “day off” (meaning: I have two students but no performances). Right now I have to go fly a kite … or something ….

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I miss my Oboe! I miss playing. I miss reading music everyday, I miss playing everyday, I miss performances and practices….. 🙁 I just my music

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I didn’t know that my oboe teacher is famous hahaha

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Popeye The Sailor: Sock-a-bye Baby

Popeye is pretty darn violent. I never realized that when I watched the cartoon as a kid!