I hate playing outdoors. Or at least I dislike it strongly. (“Hate” might be a bit too strong. Or maybe not.) There are a number of reasons to dislike it. But here’s one thing I’ve never had to deal with:

During the piccolo solo in “Stars and Stripes Forever” in an outdoor performance, a moth flew right into my mouth when I took a breath. I could feel it flapping around inside my mouth, but I didn’t dare stop because it was a broadcast concert. So I just bit down on it really hard – yuck, it was chalky!

I read it here.

I remember playing Midsummer Mozart outdoors when Richard Stoltzman was playing the clarinet concerto. He choked on a fly.

Fun times.

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  1. Krishan Kumar

    I had to play outside for my school’s graduation in the morning, and my instrument could not make a decent sound at all. Plus, it was so cold the fingers felt numb even with mittens on and my flute was extremely flat even when the head joint was pushed in all the way.
    Poor piccolo player 🙁