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does anybody know a symphony by mozart, in the key of e flat major, and start with solo french horn…then followed by tutti and communication betweenoboe and clarinet….what number is it? which symphony??? i really need cheat to do transcription homework.

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I’m sorry I’ve not put much up here recently. Life is rather busy, for reasons I won’t go into here as sometimes I seem to cause more harm than good when I yak about my work and schedule. Meanwhile, if I find any videos that seem worthwhile I’ll at least try to get those up.

Truth be told, I’m contemplating saying goodbye to the oboe blog. I know, though, that that thought often passes after a few weeks, so I’ll give it time before I really come to that conclusion. If I’m still feeling this way come September it just might be time to close things down. Should I decide to depart I’ll probably move my Sunday music posts to the pattyo.

Of course I started this blog for my students and for anyone interested in the biz who wanted an inside look at the life. Is it worthwhile enough to continue? I really don’t know! Blogs do seem to have lifespans ….

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I’m just amazed she can get through all of these!

Performed by Jane Lui, Michael T., and Jonathan Batiste.

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why didnt i play the cello or something? in that case, my (swollen) throat would have no problems with playing