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I don’t get on here very often, because it’s a huge waste of time, but in case anyone’s interested, I’ve posted three new pieces on the site recently — two for piano, and one for oboe and piano (because I couldn’t find a bagpiper).

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Was that a soprano sax playing the oboe solo from Swan Lake? No no no no NO!!! The horror!

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Because it appears to drive bats batty!

Classical music is the latest weapon in the bat battle going on in Batemans Bay.
The Batemans Bay Old Courthouse Museum is in the frontline of the battle, right under the nose of the 2000-strong “camp” of grey-haired flying foxes at the Water Gardens, and they are using music written centuries ago to encourage the controversial critters to move on each day.

The museum volunteers crank up ABC Classic FM each morning from a small stereo outside the eastern side of the building.

“Within half an hour they are out of earshot,” Batemans Bay Historical president Tony Whelan said.