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“What mood you’re in obviously has an effect on your music,” Mr. Wang said, “and being here is very soothing. I just make my reeds here and look out at the city with the Empire State Building, and it feels very open and private.”

I read it here.

Meanwhile, I must prepare to leave for work. It’s only an hour’s drive away, but who knows what traffic will be like, so I allow a lot of extra time. As I remind students, you simply cannot be late. It’s not an option! So “soothing” isn’t exactly a word I’m familiar with at the moment. Not with this job.

The word “grateful” is definitely one I’m familiar with now, though. Summer is normally a no or low income time. Not so this year. At least for now!

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I’m retiring to bed and I leave you with this sublime piece: Alessandro Marcello – Concerto for oboe in D minor. I have a special relationship with this particular movement as I used it as soundtrack for one of my favorite TV commercials that I produced when I was in Japan. Marcello oboe concerto 3rd movement

I don’t know which version this Facebook person was sharing, but here’s one I just ran across of the entire work, with Baroque oboe:

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It’s TOO quiet in my house! Time to bring out the oboe