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Trying to sell my oold oboe is so hard. I’ve tried Craigslist. Onto E-bay!

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Waiting for the day when my sisters stop telling me my oboe gives them a headache

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I’m home from our first night of this week’s shows. Yesterday I noticed that I had a bit of a lump on my throat, and reading up I determined that it’s my thyroid. (Yes, I’ve contacted my doctor, for those of you who will now worry.) Of course I’m the sort that reads up on things like this, and of course I usually decide that I have some horrible disease. Go figure. At the same time, I was telling myself that the doctor would just say I might need to up the dose of the medication I take for my under-active thyroid. I did finally manage to go that direction rather than the “I’ll probably have to cancel out of the show because who knows how much more time I have left” mentality. Going to work tonight I wasn’t really even thinking about it.

Until I started to play.

Oh dear … it really felt rotten! It felt as if someone was strangling me or pressing down on my throat or something. My throat just felt closed up. Now that could also be caused by acid reflux (another lovely issue I deal with), but still it was quite troubling. Through the entire first half it was just darn uncomfortable to play. To add insult to injury (not to do any sort of cliché sort of stuff here … hah!) my reeds seemed to have changed their minds about life after having a day off, and they weren’t behaving the way they had. So the first half of the show wasn’t exactly pleasant.

Fortunately the second half seemed to feel better as far as the throat is concerned. I am wondering now if the thyroid just had some sort of issue that is already changing, because it does feel like maybe the lump is getting smaller.

The joys of this business can be something else sometimes! 😉

Other than that, I’m enjoying this run so far. I think I’m learning to not beat myself up when I make little goofs and, so far anyway, I’ve not had any major issues that are causing me great distress. It’s nice to be in this nearly comfortable (despite reed issues and throat issues) place. I hope I can manage to stay here for the remaining six weeks.