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I was saddened to read last week that Candace Allen feels ostracised and belittled when trying to enjoy the music she loves – and simply because of the colour of her skin. Saddened, but not surprised. Allen told the London Evening Standard that she’s made to feel uncomfortable at classical concerts in London. But as shocking as that sounds, she’s only scraped the surface.

Read here, in a lengthy article about classical music.

But wait … Miss Allen responds to the article:

A response from Candace Allen:

There’s been a good deal of misinterpretation in regards to my comments these last days so to clarify (in yet another forum): I was asked my opinion as to why there weren’t more people of colour at classical concerts and I gave a few of my experiences as examples of that might keep those who were tentatively curious and/or tempted away.

I myself do not feel “ostracised” and “belittled” when I attend a concert. I know that whatever other people might be coming to terms with is their personal problem/battle not mine. I attend concerts often. Why would I do so if I felt this way? I am not a masochist seeking some form of thrill in victimisation. Being aware of my environment is simply part of being sensate. I don’t dwell on this.

Like the majority of the audience I am there for the music, which I enter without thought to the behaviour of my fellow concertgoers save when they are being restive. The positive or negative I take from any concert is about the music. For the rest, think of water and ducks in any number of manifestations.

Hmmm. Guess someone misinterpreted what she said. Or something.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) A haunting melody will float through the air this evening, with no apparent source. It will turn out that a renegade oboe player is hiding in the shrubbery.

(FYI, I’m one who is not at all into the whole horoscope thing. Just so you know.)

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… because what else am I gonna do when trying to clear earworms, but the YouTube thing? Clever use of a piano.

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As a non-music major, I find it acceptable that I don’t know the difference between a clarinet and an oboe from a distance.