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Eustache Du Caurroy: Missa pro defunctis, Sanctus
Doulce Mèmoire, Denis Raisin Dadre

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Psalm 1 – Genevan Psalter 1539
Ernst Stolz: instruments

There are different translations of these hymns, which were originally in French, and I haven’t a clue which is best so I just chose one:

How blest are they who keep from evil ways,
Who heed not sinful counsel all their days,
Nor seek the company of wicked scoffers,
But take delight in all the Lord God offers
Within the statutes of His holy Law:
Both day and night they ponder it with awe.
They are like trees that grow beside the stream,
Whose fruitful limbs with ripened bounty teem,
Whose verdant leaves will fade and wither never;
All that they undertake in faith will ever
Be blessed by God with great prosperity.
But wicked ones a different lot shall see.
For they, like chaff, before the wind are blown
And will not last before the judgment throne,
Nnor will they stand in council of the holy.
But God protects all those who follow solely
The paths of virtue and of righteousness,
While death shall stalk the ways of wickedness.

Translation by David Koyzis

I plan on posting one of these each week until I run out. They are quite lovely. Many thanks to Ernst Stolz for his work on them. Do visit his YouTube page!

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Eustache Du Caurroy: Christus Christi
Le Parnasse Français; Louis Castelain