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So… That’s what oboe sounds like when played by a pro… It’s sound still disturbs me…

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When a true orchestra makes a section of Oboes with Solo English Horn, does he usually play in exact unison with them or does he play one octave below? It seems he’s a great fit for setting up a divisi in the section but in general practice does he just blend in with the section playing the same pitch or does he play his own an octave lower?

Yes, indeed. An English horn would never play a different note that the the oboes … um … right? And of course the oboes play in unison all the time.

The person who asked this question is a “maestro to be”. (I’m really hoping he/she is very very (very!) young.)

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Should I continue oboe in highschool?
I need to decide pretty soon…. But the main problem is that I don’t like it. If I don’t continue, I’ll regret it. If I do, I’ll hate band class. Plus I’m nit very good b/c I went to camp for a month and my sound quality has plummeted. I really don’t know what to do… But I should decide now. And I also dint want to disappoint my parents or my teacher.

Hmm. Doesn’t like oboe yet is asking if he/she should play it? For me the answer would be easy and very short. You too?

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im going through oboe/english horn withdrawal, i haven’t played in almost 2 weeks because of this trip