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Okay, I normally don’t like autotune. At all. But this just cracked me up. So there’s that. And it’s done by some young folks and I like that too. 🙂 (Yeah, using the word “folks” means I’m old. Go figure.)

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New oboe reeds=happy [name here] !

Always so true!

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Well, on to week three of shows I go. In some ways it feels as if I’ve been doing this forever. In other ways … not so much! Funny how that goes. I have five more weeks of the show if all goes as planned. Five weeks means 30 more drives to San Francisco and 40 more shows. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can …. Yes, I feel like the Little Engine That Could!

I also wanted to remind those of you who read this, and especially anyone new, what my little codes mean: TQOD is a Twitter Quote of the Day. FBQD is the Facebook Quote of the Day. MQOD is (can you guess?!) Music Quote of the Day. Not one of these is something I’ve said. Many aren’t even something I think or believe, but just things that made me laugh, ponder, or scratch my head. So please take them that way! They aren’t necessarily the truth. They just caught my attention.

Yesterday I went to a friend’s house and tried his Rigotaut oboe that he’s going to sell. It’s now here with me. I think it has great potential, and I’m looking forward to working on it a bit.

But meanwhile … a student just arrived (30 minutes early!) so off I go ….

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I hope I can make first chair. #oboe