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Anyone know the answer? C’mon … you can figure it out, right?

Okay, here it is: when I’m doing a show in San Francisco.

I have a three hour show. For 8:00 shows I leave home at 5:00 and get home at midnight. So that’s 7 hours. When we have a matinee and evening show I leave home at 11:45 and get home at midnight. The “short” day is Sunday: I leave at 11:45 and I get home (drum roll please) at 6:00. How sweet is that?!

So I have some long days. I’m also not getting much of anything else done so far. I’m really hoping that I get my act together and manage to do other things during this run. Things like cleaning. Things like other chores. Maybe even things like, say, making a decent meal. I’ve now done three weeks of the seven week run, so perhaps I can relax a bit and not fret so much over the job.

Fat. Chance.

But I can dream … right?

I haven’t done any shows in San Francisco since 2005. In the past I’ve turned into a real basket case when doing them. This time I’m trying very hard to remain sane. (C’mon … stop your laughing!) I will never fully relax, and I will probably forever worry about what everyone else thinks of me and my playing, but that’s just me in a NUTshell so oh well. But I’m doing a better job of dealing with the negative voices. I’m doing a better job of taking the advice I give my students about being confident or at least telling myself I’m confident. I’m also walking between the matinee and evening shows and I think that’s good for my well being.

The traveling musicians are a great bunch. That makes the job so much more pleasant. The local musicians are great to be with too. I’m truly blessed to be doing this job. I’m guessing it’ll be the last one for a long time, if not forever. I need to be sure and enjoy these weeks, even while I complain about my reeds.

But hey, speaking of reeds … if there’s anyone out there who is just dying to send a girl some reeds … well … you just go right ahead. I’ll take whatever I can get! 🙂

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