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If so, please enjoy this … I am doing so at this very moment!

L’Arpeggiata (Christina Pluhar): Ten Years

You all probably know I love a cappella music. You probably know I love sacred choral music too. But did you know this music here just makes me so happy to be alive? Because it really does.

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I’m smiling in spite of the rain today because I have drafted and printed over a ream’s worth of documents this morning while being treated to live music instead of my usual tunes. My daughter plays piano, oboe, english horn, saxophone, and Irish whistle – makes for a great concert! Today my favorite pieces have been the upbeat Irish whistle tunes 🙂

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…something doesn’t have to be perfect to be exquisite. In fact, maybe it’s better if it’s not.

-Peter Hedges


(Okay, he was talking about a movie, but I think this works for music as well sometimes.)

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London is going to be in the high 20-degrees tomorrow & I have an oboe lesson – eek!!!

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I sometimes tell my students that they need to know their music well enough that they can continue playing even if their music blows off the stand. Last week during Les Mis I found myself in a situation that required really knowing my part.

We had just started the show and as I turned the page it sort of accordioned down: the pages are taped together as a lot of musicals are, but they aren’t bound. So down went the music and the next page began with an oboe solo. There was no time to gather it up, so I just played the solo by memory.

It really was no big deal, and I wasn’t nervous at all. The biggest issue was to play without laughing — playing oboe and laughing at the same time isn’t really an easy thing to do.

But yes, we have to know our music well. And now I can use this as an example of what might happen and what we need to do sometimes. I love when that happens … as long as my situation ends up with a happy ending.

Just received another scam email yesterday:

Hello, This is Mr Cally Nicholas, I got your email after a long search for a teacher. I want private lessons for my daughter(Lillie). Lillie is a 15 years old girl, she is ready to learn, all I need is a committed person who can take her like his/her daughter too. I will like to know if you will be capable and available for the tutoring service because I really wish the tutorial begins this August, 2012 and if you are going for any trip let me know the date and when you will be back (Break Shall be Observed), also do get back to me with the following details about you:

Your Name:

Years of experience/specialization:

Your Location:

Your charges per hour $:

I will be glad to read back from you soon so that I can keep in touch with my daughter about the progress of her lesson.
Please feel free to ask question but ensure you provide me with the above details. Please, do not bother to reply if you think you are not the best for her, I will understand.

God Bless!