Just received another scam email yesterday:

Hello, This is Mr Cally Nicholas, I got your email after a long search for a teacher. I want private lessons for my daughter(Lillie). Lillie is a 15 years old girl, she is ready to learn, all I need is a committed person who can take her like his/her daughter too. I will like to know if you will be capable and available for the tutoring service because I really wish the tutorial begins this August, 2012 and if you are going for any trip let me know the date and when you will be back (Break Shall be Observed), also do get back to me with the following details about you:

Your Name:

Years of experience/specialization:

Your Location:

Your charges per hour $:

I will be glad to read back from you soon so that I can keep in touch with my daughter about the progress of her lesson.
Please feel free to ask question but ensure you provide me with the above details. Please, do not bother to reply if you think you are not the best for her, I will understand.

God Bless!


  1. I received something similar two days ago..

    Name: Michael
    Phone: nil
    Email: m.smith0094@yahoo.com

    How are you today?I got your contact email while searching for Maths teacher on the internet. I have a daughter(Vicky) who is interested studying Algebra you have to
    offer.She’s 16 year old girl with a very sharp brain. she’s coming down there to your
    location for the lessons. I want Vicky to come over to your present location to attend

    the lessons before she will finally come to Frankfurt Germany to stay with me. If you

    have agreed to accept Vicky as your student,please get back to me with the following


    Total fees for one months lessons(Two hours lessons in a week)?

    Your teaching location and phone number?

    I want the lessons to start by 4th of Sept.


    Looking forward to hearing from you

    I replied to the email and got this back…

    Thanks for the mail. I am satisfied with your total cost for One month (2 lessons a week) which is $320, (for 8 lessons)8 hours a month. I want you to know that i’m doing everything in my power to make sure that my daughter have a successful lesson when she arrives at your location, as you know i’m so much concern about her career and future.I want you to assure me that you are going to take proper care of teaching her because i am paying for all the expenses for the lessons. So plan for the classes,and fix the timetable,you can meet her at home or library in Dekalb County,as i said, the payment is by check in us currency, so please bear with me. I have contact my agent that he should make all my money available in payment of the lesson given to him in respect of the lesson for my daughter, and he has promised to issue a check draw from a us bank to refunds all the money been given to him, so i will order him to issue the check out to you at once. so i will want you to send me your full details such as full name full contact address and phone number both home and office as soon as possible so that i can forward that to him to have the check send to you…And i want this transaction to be transparency and i will like you to be truthful to me and I will travel my daughter to your location for the lessons….I look forward to hear back from you.

  2. I never reply any longer, due to advice from my husband (I used to reply with a HUGE price for lessons, just to see what would happen): when we do that it just might verify they’ve reached a legit address, and we might get more and more of ’em. Don’t know for sure, though!