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… and I’m done!

What a run this has been. When it began I told Dan I’d stay up in San Francisco on occasion, just to break up all that driving. Turns out I stayed the very first night, when I had a night rehearsal followed by an early morning rehearsal, and that was it. Somehow staying in a hotel when I’m not on vacation isn’t all that fun: I hate spending the money just for work! Dan has driven me up and back on occasion (doing photography while I was in the pit) and that’s helped with things. For the most part, though, I did the driving.

Ah, driving. I really don’t hate it, but I’ll be glad to be back in my neck ‘o the woods for work. Living less than 10 minutes away is just wonderful. My next job is Opera San José, and we are doing Pearl Fishers. I have a feeling it’ll feel like nothing since we do a total of eight shows. Les Miserables will total fifty-six shows. Yep. Really. Fifty-six. That’s a whole lotta shows. And of course Les Mis was eight shows a week while the OSJ total of eight shows is spread over three weeks. Quite a difference! (Truth be told, I wish OSJ would put the eight shows in two weeks, but oh well. It’s work and I”m grateful.)

I have much to write about concerning this job, but I’ll save that for later. Some is about “lessons in humility” and “you know you’re near work when …”. Stay tuned.

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I am really pleasantly surprised at the quality of my oboe playing after not touching my instrument for several months.#CanStillHitHighD