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Professor is proooouddd of meeee!

If you’re in the professional music field, you know that “I’m proud of you.” or “Keep up the good work.” means a lot.

Also,’ professor’ is the dubbed name of [name removed in case the quoted student would be embarrassed] by her students. So excited to be studying under her. Everything makes sense.


Who knew that was all it would take?

Asked online:

Do fish like the sound of oboe?
I am going to get fish soon, I play the oboe on band. I would want to practice in my room where my tank is but i don’t know if they like oboes or sounds. Please help!

… and yes, someone answered:

As long as you aren’t playing it right next to the tank and it isn’t a screeching sound they should be fine. I always play classical music and opera and it doesn’t seem to phase them.

I’ll just leave it at that.

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“What musical instrument would you be? And, of course, why?” I would be an oboe because I’m hard to reed.